Who is Zara Patel? The influencer in Rashmika Mandanna's deepfake

Find out more about the British-Indian influencer Zara Patel who finds herself in a deepfake controversy with Indian actress Rashmika Mandanna.

Who is Zara Patel?

A British-Indian influencer with 450,000+ Instagram followers, who identifies as a Data Engineer and mental health advocate.

Adult Content Creator

Zara is also active in creating adult content for her followers & provides a link on her Instagram for access to explicit content and chats.

Zara's Original Video

Zara originally shared a video on October 9 in a black outfit. It was later manipulated in a deepfake AI video featuring Rashmika Mandanna's face.

The Suspect Technology

Deepfakes use AI to swap a person's appearance in videos or images. This technology has a huge potential to deceive.

Rashmika's Reaction

Actress Rashmika, whose face was used in the deepfake, expressed distress, highlighting the fear and vulnerability caused by such technology.

Zara's Response

She expressed being 'deeply disturbed' and 'upset' about the incident and urged social media users to verify content.

A Concern for Women & Girls

She expressed concern for women's safety online, stressing the importance of fact-checking and awareness about content authenticity.

When AI Isn't Good

Deepfakes misinform and affect public figures of all levels, like Tom Hanks and Kristen Bell, illustrating the technology's misuse.

The Zara Patel & Rashmika Mandanna incident is part of a global trend in deepfake misuse, raising the importance of vigilance on social media platforms.

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