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Embarking on your next stage as student or a new professional? Get valuable guidance and insights from these creators! Follow them for expert advice on entrepreneurship, career, education, and leadership to set yourself up for success in your future endeavors.

Self Made Millennial

Hosted by Madeline Mann, this is a highly acclaimed YouTube channel providing expert job interview advice, career tips, and insider insights on achieving success.


Founded by interview expert Richard McMunn, this channel offers invaluable guidance on careers, tests, and interview techniques to help job-seekers excel.

nicole . young

Follow the journey of a self-taught software engineer, as she shares her experiences, promotes tech equity, and provides insights into the industry.

Linda Raynier

She offers practical, heart-centered guidance on achieving a fulfilling & authentic career, empowering viewers to pursue their true calling & make a meaningful impact.

Work It Daily

This is a platform that understands the challenges of job searching & professional development, offering an easier way to access career assistance & resources.

Andrew LaCivita

He is a world-leading career and leadership coach, renowned author, and trusted media resource, providing valuable guidance and resources.

Ben Talks Talent

This is a channel dedicated to providing actionable interview advice, networking guidance, and career strategy tips.

Career Swami

This is an Indian career YouTube channel that inspires viewers with valuable guidance on skill development, interviews, and job search strategies.

Disney Careers

Disney's career YouTube channel offers creative career options and training guidance, providing opportunities to join their team and contribute to their renowned content.

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