You Can Now Use OnePlus Phones In The Rain

OnePlus has introduced a new Rain Water Touch technology to address a common smartphone issue.

Conventional touchscreens use capacitive technology that struggles with touch accuracy when exposed to water due to its conductivity.

The Problem

OnePlus is using special touch algorithms and an exclusive internal chip to overcome the interference caused by water's electrical conductivity.

The Solution Makers

The Rain Water Touch technology enables the smartphone screen to accurately process touch inputs even when it's wet.

The Technology

This advancement enhances user experience, allowing consistent and reliable touchscreen functionality in unfavorable weather conditions.

The Benefits

The Rain Water Touch technology will debut with the upcoming OnePlus Ace 2 Pro smartphone.

The Debut

The phone's price of under Rs 40,000 positions it as a competitive offering in the market, with flagship-level features and enhancements.

The New Guys In Town

It's uncertain if the technology will be available in global markets, but OnePlus is bringing it to key markets like China, US, and India.

The Markets

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