Why Tomatoes Are Off McDonalds' Menu

McDonald's restaurants in many parts of India have removed tomatoes from their burgers and wraps due to supply shortages and quality concerns.

What Happened?

Wholesale prices of tomatoes in certain regions have increased by 288% in a month, reaching a high of 140 rupees.


The government attributes the high prices to a lean production season affected by monsoon rains, which disrupt transport and distribution.

Quality vs Pricing

The issue seems to be related to quality problems in the supply chain rather than pricing.


Operators of McDonald's franchises in India state that there are no serious issues, but that they stopped serving them due to seasonal issues.


Tomato sales have significantly declined, with vendors experiencing a drop in demand and customers reducing their purchases.

Other Restaurants

McDonald's stores in Delhi still provide tomato ketchup in sachets, and other restaurants like Subway report no issues with serving tomatoes.


Some businesses are suggesting alternatives like cooking with tomato puree as a substitute for fresh tomatoes due to the high prices.

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