Why People Enjoy  Serial Killer Shows

 Shows centered around serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Charles Sobhraj have captivated viewers;  join us as we shed light on why.

The shows serve as a form of "self-care" and escapism for people during everyday domestic activities, despite the violent content of the shows.


The shows delve into the criminal mind, providing insight into motives, psychology, and methods behind heinous acts, revealing the complexities of human behaviour.

Criminal Psychology

These shows satisfy our curiosity about the macabre and morbid without directly exposing us to real-life danger or trauma.

Living Vicariously

They allow viewers to "play detective" and engage in online discussions and speculation, creating a sense of purpose and thrill in solving the cases.

Being A Detective

The awareness that even those close to us may harbor sinister intentions. heightens our vigilance.

Building Awareness

The narrative formula of murder mystery shows provides a sense of conflict and resolution, offering reassurance to viewers.

Achieving Justice

True crime shows educate viewers about dark triad personalities and help them recognize warning signs in potential offenders.

Recognising Red Flags

We want to figure out what drove these people to this extreme act, and what makes them tick, because we’d never actually commit murder.

Understanding Why

Observing narratives of these shows lets viewers plan and strategize in case they ever become victims themselves.

And Finally...

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