Why France Just Banned Apple's iPhone 12

France recently banned the sale of Apple's iPhone 12 model due to radiation levels exceeding legal limits.

The ban revolves around SAR (Standard Absorption Rate), which measures the amount of radiation the body absorbs from a device.

The Ban

The European Union has established safety limits for SAR values to reduce the risk of cancer from mobile phone radiation.

Radiation Limits

Tests conducted on 141 iPhone 12's by France's radiation watchdog ANFR found that the its SAR levels were higher than allowed.

Conducted Tests

Its SAR is measured at 5.74 watts per kilogram; higher than the European Union's standard limit of 4 watts per kilogram.

SAR Levels

Mobile phone radiation can heat body tissue, potentially causing harm if exposure exceeds certain limits.

Mobile Phone Radiation

Excessive exposure to mobile phone radiation can lead to health effects such as burns or heat stroke.

Effects Of Exposure

France plans to share its findings with other EU member states, potentially impacting the availability of iPhone 12 models in other countries.

Impact On iPhone 12 Models

Apple argued that an update could address this issue, but the French authorities disagree.

Apple's Reply

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