Why are fans throwing things at artists during concerts?

Over recent months, performers such as Cardi B, Harry Styles, and Drake have experienced objects being thrown onto the stage. What's behind this trend?

Summer of Hurling Objects

The current concert season is witnessing a trend of objects being thrown at artists on stage, often injuring artists.

Have fans become too comfortable?

This trend is linked to post-COVID behavioral issues, lowered inhibitions from drinks/drugs & increasingly close relationships between fans and performers.

Is it for social clout?

Desire for attention and social media clout contributes to the trend, facilitated by anonymity in crowded venues.

Do female artists face  the brunt of it?

Misogyny potentially influences the phenomenon, particularly targeting women artists.

Not a new phenomena

Historical instances show fans throwing objects at performers, revealing the nuanced relationship between audiences and artists.

Our verdict

Factors such as clashing performer-audience dynamics and loss of sense of ownership over the show may play a role.

How are artists feeling?

Artists like Adele and Drake respond to the trend with humor and sternness.

Not good "etiquette"

Concertgoers' desperation for attention and disruption of typical show etiquette are alarming for concert organizers.

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