Who is Rajesh Rawani? A Truck Driver Turned Into Vlogger

Rajesh Rawani, a.k.a. R Rajesh Vlogs has been a truck driver for over 25 years, but has become a YouTube sensation. Here's why...

About Rajesh

Rajesh, an Indian truck driver, runs the YouTube channel "R Rajesh Vlogs" documenting his life on the road.

When Did He Start Making Videos?

He started his YouTube channel 1.5  years ago & has gained over 1.23 million subscribers until now.

His sons primarily shoot the vlogs, encouraging him to share his experiences.

His Backbone

Initially, he started vlogging as a fun project, but after gaining a positive response, it became a daily routine.

From A Fun Project to Daily Routine

Challenges Of His Job

Despite the appeal of traveling and getting paid, Rajesh's job involves sacrifices, such as giving up sleep to meet travel restrictions.

Life On The Road

On the road, Rajesh and his family find stability by doing everything inside their truck, which includes cooking, studying, and sleeping.

Encounters With The Supernatural 

He talked about experiencing supernatural events during a Q&A session, focusing on the difficulties of driving on isolated roads at night.

Motivation Behind His Journey

Being in his 40s, he is motivated to work harder to support his children's education.

Received A Golden Play Button!

Creating vlogs about his travel experiences has helped him achieve great success; he has received a golden play button by YouTube.

Future Goals

He aspires to monetise his growing YouTube channel, creating an additional source of income.

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