Niki Mehra: Indian fashion influencer turning heads at Cannes 2024

Niki Mehra Madan is an Indian female fashion influencer who has created buzz at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, showcasing her fashion extravaganza.

From The Start

In 2014, Niki began by launching a blog where she shared her personal style, beauty advice, and fashion tricks inherited from her mother.

Early Life

Before becoming a prominent fashion icon, she earned a degree in economics.

After her blogs gaining recognition, she got in POPxo Network, where she collaborated with other influential bloggers, solidifying her position in the industry.

Sliding Into Fashion World

Turning Point

She got her breakthrough at a contest organised by Swarovski & Grazia. She was selected as one of the two influencers for this opportunity.

Awards & Recognition

Known as a prominent fashion figure in the industry, she garnered various awards, like Best Indian Fashion Influencer in 2019 & the Luxury Fashion Influencer Award 2023.

Created Buzz

She made her Cannes debut with a stunning appearance in an out-of-the-box attire, that blew everyone's mind!

OOTD Deets Please!

She wore a stunning 7 daring cut-out blazer dress designed by Geisha design, but what makes it special is that it's inspired by an AI sketch made by Kumanovo designer Rexhep Nuhiji.

Cinderella Behaviour👠

She also made a red carpet debut in a fashion-forward all-white glazing gown by Vietnamese designer Hacchic Couture, blending elegance & trendsetting fashion.

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