KJo slams Kettan Singh for his 'poor' imitation

Karan Johar calls out a reality comedy show's contestant's imitation, labelling it as "Exceptionally Poor." The clash underscores the value of authenticity and talent in showbiz.

Who is Kettan Singh?

He is an Indian actor, anchor, & voice-over artist known for his works in several movies & shows.

Notable Works

He has appeared in projects like "Dr. Madhumati on Duty," "Solid Patels," "Vicky Velingkar," "The Kapil Sharma Show," "7 Hours to Go," and "Jigariyaa" among others.

He has a significant presence in the Indian entertainment industry and has garnered a following of 161k on social media platforms like Instagram.

Social Media Fame

Created Buzz

As per reports, a comedian's mimicry of Karan Johar on a TV show telecasted on Sunday has stirred controversy & upset the director.

KJo's Take

KJo expressed disappointment over the mimicry incident, recounting it while watching TV with his mother, calling it "exceptionally poor taste."

Ektaa Got His Back!

Renowned TV producer & film director, Ektaa Kapoor came in support of Johar's stance against disrespectful humor in the industry.

Online Speculations

Social media users were speculating about the comedian's identity, with many suspecting Kettan Singh, although Johar did not explicitly mention him.

Comic Reality Show

Imitation of KJo aired on Sony TV's comedy show "Madness Machayenge," where Kettan referred to KJo's show "Koffee With Karan" as "Toffee with Churan."

Creative Dilemma

Ultimately, the incident raises questions about industry ethics & norms, highlighting the tension between creativity & imitation in the entertainment world.

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