Who is Food Pharmer? The "Label Padhega India" Genius

Food Pharmer a.k.a Revant Himatsingka is an Indian author & content creator with 2.3 million Instagram followers, who has launched the "Label Padhega India." But what is it? Let's find out!

Healthy Humour

Revant is a content creator who promotes healthy eating with a touch of humor, aiming to educate people about healthy eating habits on social media platforms.

What's The Campaign About?

"Label Padhega India" is an initiative by Revant that urges people in India to read labels on everyday packaged foods they purchase.

The campaign is introduced a social media challenge prompting people to post label photos and tag others, which will help spread awareness.

Social Media Challenge

Influencers Assemble

 He collaborated with Indian celebs & influencers like Namita Thapar, Dinesh Karthik, Flying Beast, Masoom Minawala, & more to support the cause.

Funky Rewards

He also promises to give gifts to participants & plans to personally meet some of them, encouraging wider participation.

Breakthrough Moment

He gained fame by exposing excessive sugar in Bournvita & Lay’s use of palm oil in 2023, which led to nationwide discussions & positive changes.

Challenged In 2 mins😂

Besides Bournvita, he also targeted Maggi, questioning their claims about the nutritional content of atta noodles, pushing for more accountability in food labeling

Author By Heart

As a Business School grad, he was interested in writing, which led him to "Selfienomics," the first Indian self-help book for young people.

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