What's New With Apple - iOS 17.1

Apple iOS 17.1 Beta is on the verge of release and here is all you need to know about the updates. 

October 24, 2023

The Agence Nationale Des Fréquences (ANFR), France's national frequency agency, has revealed the release date for the forthcoming iOS 17.1 update.


France temporarily halted iPhone 12 sales due to excessive electromagnetic radiation, prompting Apple to agree to updates.


The ANFR website announced - Apple developed a software update meeting safety limit & its being tested by volunteers before a wider release.

Safety Measures

The French regulator stated that the ban on selling the iPhone 12 in France will continue until the software update is made available to all users.

What Is New?

As per MacRumors, iOS 17.1 will bring new features and improvements to the Music app, AirDrop, & introduce new Standby features.

Apple Music

Users can now easily favorite songs, albums, playlists, or artists using a star icon. This choice is saved in the library to enhance Apple's recommendations.

New AirDrop Features

iOS 17.1's AirDrop has an "Out of Range" feature for sharing files over longer distances, using Wi-Fi or cellular data as needed.

Connected Cards

In the UK, iPhone users can soon add certain bank cards to their Wallet app, keeping track of transactions and balances.

80% Charging Limit Fix

iPhone 15 limits charging to 80% for battery health, and a second beta update fixed any overcharging issues.

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