What You Need To Know About ITC's Mission Millets

ITC, one of India's leading conglomerates, has embarked on a transformative journey with its ambitious initiative called "Mission Millets."

What Is It?

Mission Millets aims to raise awareness about the benefits of millets by developing value chains and creating tasty millet-based foods.

Why Millets?

This superfood requires 70% less water than rice, and uses 40% less energy during processing and grows in half the time compared to wheat.

A Superfood?

They're rich in essential nutrients like fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. They can provide nutritious food security during water scarcity and droughts.

What Are The Products? 

ITC now has a range of millet-based products, including flour, dosa and idli mix, ragi vermicelli, cookies, and soon noodles and pastas as well.

Do They Taste Good?

ITC Hotels' expert chefs are creating easy-to-try millet recipes to encourage individuals to experiment with the taste and texture of millets.

How Does This Affect The Agricultural Sector?

ITC has prioritised farmer empowerment by creating better livelihood opportunities and plan to work with 20 Farmer Producer Organizations for millet cultivation.

Can The Economy Benefit?

The mission unlocks export opportunities, bolstering economic growth and positioning Indian millets as a globally sought-after food source.

To Conclude

ITC's Mission Millets shows how a simple grain like millet can become a powerful catalyst for positive change to ensure a more resilient and food-secure world.

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