What You Should Know About A Haunting in Venice

The new Hercule Poirot remake, A Haunting in Venice, was released in theatres today. 

"A Haunting in Venice" is Kenneth Branagh's third film featuring Agatha Christie's famous detective Hercule Poirot.

A Haunting in Venice

This film comes as a sequel to Murder on the Orient Express (2017) and Death on the Nile (2022).

A Sequel

The movie is loosely based on Agatha Christie's novel "Hallowe'en Party."

Hallowe'en Party

It has been praised for its visually sumptuous cinematography, thanks to the work of cinematographer Haris Zambarloukos.

The Cinematography

Despite its visual appeal, the film has been criticized for not fully utilizing its exceptional ensemble cast.

A Waste

The cast includes notable actors like Tina Fey, Michelle Yeoh, and Jamie Dornan.

The Cast

The movie combines elements of mystery and supernatural horror, with a storyline set in a haunted mansion on Halloween night.

Movie Themes

While the film has a promising setup and atmosphere, some reviews express disappointment in its execution and the ultimate reveal of the mystery.

Critic Reception

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