Vegan Beauty Brands To Try On World Vegan Day

Let's explore top Indian cruelty-free & vegan beauty companies offering effective, skin-friendly products, often using traditional recipes for Indian skin.


Plum is Peta-certified, 100% Vegan, & cruelty-free. They use no animal-derived ingredients & offer products for all skin types.

Disguise Cosmetics

Now discover vegan lipsticks easily in India with Disguise Cosmetics, known for their creamy, velvety, & moisturizing range.

Asa Beauty

Asa Beauty promotes luxury clean cosmetics with minimal waste using aluminum packaging & refillable products.


Offers clean, chic, & cruelty-free cosmetics with transparent ingredients & personalized skin tone recommendations.


Nyor offers certified organic, Peta-approved, paraben-free, cruelty-free, & vegan makeup at an affordable price.

Soul Tree

First Indian brand with European-certified, organic, & ayurvedic cosmetics, supporting sustainability & women farmers in Uttarakhand.

FAE Beauty

Made for all Indian skin tones, offers versatile & buildable matte lipsticks designed for warm climates. Something authentic & unfiltered.

Ayurveda & biochemistry-based products with exotic ingredients. Lip tints, concealer, lipsticks for all skin types. Also supports girls' education.

Daughter Earth

Bon Organics

USDA-certified, 100% organic with Ayurvedic formulas, handcrafted in small batches. They also offer pet shampoos & soaps.

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