Upcoming stand-up gigs that you shouldn't miss

Get ready to LYAO with these upcoming comedy shows. From Munawar Faruqui to Sumukhi Suresh, here's a list of gigs on BookMyShow that we think will provide the best rib-tickling experience.

Dhandho | Munawar Faruqui

Munawar Faruqui's comedy show "Dhandho" is guaranteed to make you laugh with his unique humor and comedic talent. Don't miss it!

Aakash Gupta (Brand New Show)

Knwon for his straight face & fresh jokes, Aakash is ready with his "Brand New Show" that will make your sides hurt. Bring your giggles & leave your worries at home!

Anubhav Singh Bassi's "Kisi Ko Batana Mat" is like that secret joke everyone gets – hilariously relatable & absolutely unmissable! Grab your tixs ASAP!

Kisi Ko Batana Mat Ft. Anubhav Singh Bassi

Pannu Yaar by Gurleen Pannu

Gurleen's "Pannu Yaar" is a laughter marathon, perfect for burning calories without leaving your seat.

Chaman Chatora by Gaurav Kapoor

Kapoor’s show offers a delightful blend of comedy, filled with hilarious jokes and entertaining stories on the side. Don't miss out!

Jo Bolta Hai Wohi Hota Hai ft. Harsh Gujral

Harsh Gujral’s comedy show is incredibly funny, his jokes will have you laughing uncontrollably. Buckle up, it's going to be hilarious!

The Jamie Lever Show

Our personal favourite, Jamie's show is gonna be a comedy carnival, packed with her spot-on impressions and energy that'll keep you laughing all eve.

Kal Ki Chinta Nahi Karta ft. Ravi Gupta

Ravi Gupta's "Kal Ki Chinta Nahi Karta" promises laughter therapy. Worry about tomorrow? Nah, laugh today & forget the rest!

Biswa Kalyan Rath LIVE

Biswa is ready to lead a comedy PhD session, promising sharp humor, clever jokes, and academic-level laughter.

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