What is VR? And how will the Vision Pro change the future?

With Apple launching the futuristic Vision Pro, it made us want to delve into the basics of VR & how this device will change the landscape of technology

Apple recently unveiled its Vision Pro headset at the Worldwide Developers Conference & with it is venturing into the market of head mounted devices.

It is like a complete computer attached to your head - mixing the worlds of VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) & MR (mixed reality)

VR immerses users in an entirely computer-generated world, isolating them to a large degree from their physical surroundings.

Apple's Vision Pro will allow users to adjust their level of immersion by deciding how much of the real world they can see

What makes the Vision Pro different  is the 'Eyesight' feature that displays the wearer's eyes through the glass lens to enable more natural interaction with people around them

Moreover, Vision Pro boasts an impressive display system with "more pixels than a 4KK TV to each eye"

The headset can receive gesture and voice commands & features a form of 360-degree sound called spatial audio

The Vision Pro will work seamlessly with other Apple devices forming a 'wearable' ecosystem.

Wait! Before you make plans on buying it, this super cool Apple device will cost a whopping USD3499

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