Did you know Tyla has Indian origins? This interesting fact has spread speculation among fans about her unique background & cultural heritage.

Did you know Tyla has Indian origins?

Who is Tyla?

Originally named Tyla Laura Seethal, she was born in Johannesburg, South Afica.

The 21-year-old is the middle child of five and has Zulu, Mauritian, Irish, and Indian heritage.


In recent times, a debate about her being coloured revealed that she is part Indian!

Recent Buzz

In South Africa, the term "Coloured" refers to a distinct racial identity. She is identified as neither Black nor biracial, but was being claimed as part Indian.

What is Coloured?

Tyla was actually a Mining Engineer, but shortly after her course began she dropped out as she found her calling in music.

Did You Know?

In late 2019, she released her debut song, "Getting Late" with Kooldrink, which instantly hit the "viral" button on the internet.

Breakthrough Track

In 2023, she made waves with the track "Water," which went extremely viral on TikTok & entered the Billboard Hot 100 list in October 2023.

Making Waves

Yes, Tyla is indeed a part Indian as her grandfather hails from the Indian heritage.

Is She Indian Thou?

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