Twitch's New Feature Inspired By Instagram

Twitch launches "Stories," allowing partners and affiliates to share temporary posts, akin to Instagram, lasting 48 hours.


Twitch's "Stories" boosts streamer-audience connection with text, pictures, & clips, accessible at the top of the app from followed creators.

Exclusive Content

Creators can make subscriber-only stories for users with 30+ subscribers, offering a more exclusive interaction.

What's New?

Twitch's feature, lets users share short posts / stories on their channel expiring after 48 hours unlike 24 hours on Instagram.

Eligibility Criteria

Limited to partners and affiliates with recent streaming, the feature will roll out by week's end and continue.

Extending Updates

However, Twitch plans to expand Stories beyond partners and affiliates to enhance user engagement and platform retention.


"Viewers see stories alongside others they follow, so stay consistent to keep your audience updated."

Emotes Not Emojis

Viewers can use Twitch emotes to react to stories, and streamers can track views & reactions to gauge audience engagement.

Security Measures

Twitch uses automated scanning to block harmful content; stories must comply with Community Guidelines, & viewers can report violations.

There Is More?

Twitch plans to introduce more story features, including polls, tagging other streamers, and editing options in the coming months.

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