If You Like Zombieverse, Check Out These Korean Zombie Series

With the release of Zombieverse, Korean cinema and television have emerged as powerful contributors to the genre. 

A group of high school students are trapped in their school during a zombie apocalypse and must fight for their survival as they try to escape.

All of Us Are Dead (2022)

A crown prince investigates a mysterious plague that is turning people into zombies in the Joseon dynasty.

Kingdom (2019-2021)

A young man discovers that the residents in his apartment building are turning into monsters and that he must fight to survive.

Sweet Home (2020)

A failed corona treatment drug leads to the spread of a new disease which turns the infected into zombies.

Happiness (2021)

A zombie becomes a private detective to solve the mystery of his own death and survive in a world that is still afraid of him.

Zombie Detective (2020)

A car mechanic gets trapped in a tunnel for four days and emerges to find the world in chaos- and that his girlfriend is missing.

Love You As The World Ends (2021)

This horror omnibus is comprised of 4 short films centred on the theme of a zombie virus outbreak in Seoul.

The Neighbor Zombie (2010)

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