Trudeau's Secret Memo About The Feb 2023 UFO Sighting

A classified memo sent to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has surfaced, unveiling previously undisclosed information about a UFO sighting.

A UFO sighting in northern Canada initially believed to be a Chinese balloon was shot down by an F-22 fighter jet in February.

What Went Down

This incident led to investigations into 'unidentified anomalous phenomena' or 'UAP' by the Pentagon and American lawmakers.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received a classified memo on the unidentified aerial object in September.

The Memo

The classified memo was labelled 'Secret' and was intended only for limited distribution.

Secret Document

It revealed that the 'Yukon' object marked the 23rd occurrence of a UAP tracked over North America in early 2023.

Object In Yukon

The memo mentioned uncertainty about whether Object #23 posed an armed threat or had intelligence collection capabilities.

Uncertainty About Object #23

NORAD assigns sequential numbers to annually detected unidentified objects, often found to be harmless and not warranting further reporting.

Sequence Numbers

However, the U.S. Pentagon, NASA, and lawmakers have started actively investigating UAPs, reflecting a changed stance toward these phenomena.

A Strange Change

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