PHOTOS: Travel influencer Isa Khan's gorgeous wedding!

Actor, photographer and travel content creator, Isa Khan, is based out of South Delhi. He married the ethereally beautiful and smart Mariya Darakshan. Lets know more about the couple & their gorgeous wedding!

The Groom: Isa Khan

He is a multifaceted individual who began his career teaching economics at 22, but has since become a dedicated content creator specializing in travel photography.

The Bride:  Mariya Darakshan

She is a public relations professional & digital media marketer based out of Canada. She calls herself a "wandering wordsmith", who plans to travel the world.

Isa Khan, the famous photographer and travel vlogger, got married to Mariya Darakshan on November 10, 2022.

The couple celebrated their wedding in a grand and spectacular manner. As expected of them, the photos looked otherworldly!

The couple followed Muslim traditions for their wedding rituals, known as Nikah. The décor was all white with flowers & clean aesthetic.

Isa Khan started his career as an economics teacher before becoming a traveller. Mariya has also accompanied Isa on several trips.

Describing his wedding, Isa said, "Our wedding was nothing less than a dream - a three day event with our choicest friends and family who gathered to celebrate the coming together of our love, amidst the mountains."

The couple shared many stories about their wedding on Instagram, including Isa dancing to Bollywood songs to make his wife happy.

Congratulations! It's wonderful to see two travellers unite in love to become husband and wife. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and exciting adventures together.

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