Starting a new business? Follow these creators for advice!

Embarking on a new business venture? Get valuable guidance and insights from these creators! Follow them for expert advice on entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, and leadership to set yourself up for success in your business endeavors.

Raj Shamani @RajShamani

He is an entrepreneur & motivational speaker. His podcast, Figuring Out, is the country's top podcast on entrepreneurship. He talks about finance and mindset development.

Varun Mayya @TheVarunMayya

Varun Mayya is the founder & CEO of Avalon Labs and the youngest Indian to raise VC funding. He creates content on community building, startups, and investing.

Ayush Wadhwa @AyushWadhwa

He is the founder of Owled Media. As a content creator & podcast host, he talks about startups, marketing, creator economy, and freelancing.

Pratiksinh Chudasama @DigitalPratik

He is the founder of Jorr Parivaar and has a NFT portfolio of 400+. He creates content on cryptocurrency, NFTs, digital marketing, business, and personal Branding.

Prafull Billore @PrafullMBAChaiwala

Also known as "MBA Chaiwala", he started with Rs 8,000, now runs a Rs 3 crore business. He speaks about inspiring mindset growth & dream pursuit.

Anant Ladha @AnantLadha1234

The founder of Founder of InvestAajForKal, he is a CA, CFA, certified financial planner, and LLB. He creates videos on investment, share market, options strategy & financial literacy.

Vaibhav Sisinty @VaibhavSisinty

He is a growth hacker & founder of Growth School. He works on empowering individuals to build their LinkedIn brand, introducing new tools & tricks for personal growth.

Varun Duggirala @VarunDuggi

He is an entrepreneur, author & podcaster with 1M+ streams. His content focuses on mindset, healthy habits & peak performance. His podcast features many notable celebrities!

Ansh Mehra @AnshMehra.Work

He is a content creator & senior product designer at Zuddl. He designed Zuddl's MVP, teaches UX on YouTube, and shares design insights on social media.

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