Top 10 K-Pop Comebacks In 2024

Get ready for an electrifying start to 2024! Check out the top 10 thrilling K-Pop comebacks that will spark your love for music.


The first January 2024 K-pop comeback is by ITZY, with the release of their second full-length album, BORN TO BE, on January 8th.

2. OnlyOneOf

With the release of their upcoming studio album, Things I Can't Say Love, OnlyOneOf is the next to make a comeback on January 10th.


SHINee MINHO's solo comeback with Stay For A Night from the famous second-generation K-pop group is set to release on January 6th.

4. Billlie

A K-pop girl group, Billlie, sits next on the list of K-pop comebacks, anticipating the release of their single on January 2.

This K-pop boy group from Pledis Entertainment will debut on January 22 with their first mini album, Sparkling Blue, & release a pre-release single, Oh Mymy: 7s, on January 2.

5. TWS

The internet-breaking K-pop rookie group, RIIZE, is expecting to release their winter-themed single, Love 119 on January 5.


7. SF9

After a year since their last comeback, the group is expected to release their thirteenth mini-album, Sequence, on January 8th.

8. 8TURN

The group will release their third mini-album, SPOT VIDEO, featuring the song RU-PUM PUM as the title track on January 9th.


The second-gen K-pop boy group's sub-unit, with Shindong, Leeteuk, and Choi Shi-won, will drop their first Japanese mini-album on Jan 17th.


The final K-pop comeback in January 2024 is by NMIXX. The group's second EP, Fe3O4: BREAK, is scheduled to be released on January 12th.

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