Top 10 BTS Suga Songs That Deserve Your Attention

As BTS' Suga leaves to join the army, he held a LIVE Weverse session to interact with his fans. We list down his top 10 songs that made us a fan.


A song that touched his fans' hearts as he opened up about his mental health.

So Far Away ft. Suran

Released under the Agust D name, the song is about chasing your dreams & not being angry while going after your goals.


Made using traditional Korean sounds and themes, this song talks about success and Asian royalty.

First Love

A song that reflects on Suga's childhood before his success with BTS. It also talks about his love for music.


This song talks about questioning one's existence and how one lives their life,  It's a heart-touching song that makes you question.


This song uses an analogy of the playground ride and talks about dusfunctionality in relationships.

The Last

In this song, Suga completely opens up about how he dealt with anxiety & depression.

Agust D 

His first solo mixtape debut, this song is darker & more aggressive compared to any of his songs in BTS.

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