Tired of Ola and Uber?  Use These Instead

Ride-hailing services like Ola and Uber have revolutionized the way we navigate our cities; however, there's a world of alternatives waiting to be explored.

This travel management company provides high-quality corporate travel for businesses and individuals.

ITC Travelhouse

One of the oldest ride-hailing companies in India, it offers a range of vehicles, from taxis to SUVs.



This car rental app allows you to affordably rent cars by the hour or by the day.

This ride-sharing company allows users to find and book rides with other people who are travelling in the same direction.


This bike rental app that allows you to rent electric scooters by the hour or by the day.



The app is available in a number of cities and offers bike, auto, and inter-city rides.


This bike and auto service os popular for short-distance trips as a convenient and affordable alternative.

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