Tips To Ace At Spider-Man 2 PS5

After much anticipation, Spider-Man 2 is here! For PS5 players, we have tips to make your superhero adventures as Miles Morales or Peter Parker in NYC easier.

Keep Up The Game

Spider-Man 2 starts with an optional recap. If you missed the DLC episodes, consider an in-depth recap for an exciting start in the new game.

Fashion Is Spidey's Passion

Start upgrading your suit! Prioritize max health and damage for better combat durability in longer, more significant fights.

Put On Your Wingsuits!

Swinging is fun, but gliding with the wingsuit is efficient for covering large areas and exploring lower parts of the city.

Visual Reality Experience

Game offers visual variety, like a 40fps mode on 120hz TVs, for a smoother, top-quality gaming experience.

 Eyes On The Game!

Completing Kraven's drones and hideouts mid-game deepens his character's backstory and motivations.

Slingshot Time!

Slingshot Launch offers quick momentum and large distance coverage: Hold L2+X, release to soar. Best from a tall building.

Go Back To Basics

ABC: Always be cobwebbing. Use R1 to maximize your web shooters, slowing enemies, disarming them, or pinning them to walls.

Treasure Hunt

Scattered around NYC, blue and yellow boxes hold resources for upgrades. Listen for pinging & spot them with bright lights on buildings or in alleyways.

Parry Away

A new feature in Spider-Man 2: Parry Attacks. Learn to parry early; it's essential for surviving tough boss fights & larger battles.

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