The Best & Wildest Moments of Oscars 2024

Right from red carpet moments to acceptance speeches & performances, the Oscars 2024 was one helluva ride. 

Vanessa Hudgens Announces Pregnancy

Vanessa Hudgens showed off her bump as she is expecting her first baby with husband Cole Tucker.

John Cena Bares It All

To announce the winners of Costume Design, John Cena bared it all on stage as a prank with nothing but Birkenstocks on.

Messi who starred in 'Anatomy of a Fall' and won hearts also took a seat at the Oscars 2024 and host Kimmel even appreciated his performance.

Messi Steals The Show

Ryan's Showstealing Performance 

Ryan Gosling performed on 'I'm Just Ken' and stars in the audeince absolutely loved it.

Emma Stone's LV gown rips

Stone's custom LV gown ripped open and she jokingly blamed it on Ryan's Ken performance.

The Barbenheimer Rivalry

Blunt and Gosling had a friendly feud on stage about the Barbenheimer rivalry and how they should put it behind them.

Kimmel's Poor Things Joke Was Poor?

Jimmy Kimmel joked about the movie Poor Things and Emma Stone apparently didn't take it well.

Watch Oscars on Disney+Hotstar 

The 96th Academy awards LIVE streamed on Disney+Hotstar and you can catch up on all of it.

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