The Ultimate Guide To Comic Con 2024

The first-ever Comic Con is happening in Chennai right now! It starts on February 17 & runs until February 18, 2024, at the Chennai Trade Centre. If you're in Chennai and looking for a weekend getaway, this is the place to be!

What Is Comic Con?

Comic Con is an event where fans gather to celebrate comics, movies, TV shows, anime, manga, video games, and more.

What Does The Event Offer?

There will be exhibitors selling merchandise, artists showcasing their craft and workshops on a variety of topics.

Cosplay Galore

One of the highlights of the event is the Cosplay, where the attendees dress up as their favourite characters from all corners of pop culture.

A Gaming Zone

It features a 2500-square-foot gaming arena with daily tournaments, Esports, popular streamers, & gaming experiences.

Special Attractions

There will also be various special attractions, including celebrity guest appearances, live performances, & interactive experiences.

Where Can I Buy The Tickets?

Visit the official website of Comic Con India or check out BookMyShow for online ticket booking.

How Much Is The Ticket?

The price for 2-day tickets for Comic Con Chennai starts from INR 899 onwards.

Not all vendors may accept debit/credit cards, so it's a good idea to carry some cash with you.

Carry Greenbacks!

As you'll be doing a lot of walking around the event, wearing comfortable shoes and clothes can be beneficial.

Prioritise Comfort

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