Wilson Creates The Next Generation Of Basketball

Based in Chicago, Wilson is a sports equipment company that has developed and produced the innovative "Airless Basketball," leaving people amazed.

What Is An Airless Basketball?

An airless basketball is a revolutionary type of basketball that is designed without an internal air bladder.

What's It Made From?

Wilson's Airless Gen1 basketball doesn't require inflation, instead, it relies on a 3D-printed polymer lattice structure.

How Does It Bounce?

The ball features hexagonal holes across its surface, allowing air to pass through freely, which makes it feasible to bounce.

Although its structure & other things are different from standard balls, it maintains performance specifications similar to traditional ones.

Does The Performance Differ?

Wilson's experiment of creating a basketball with elastomeric polymer creates a see-through lattice structure, enhancing its unique appearance while playing too.

An Unique Experience!

Limited Edition

Being a unique basketball concept, a limited number of 75 units were made, with each ball featuring its number among the series inscribed into the 3D printed lattice design.

The ball comes in Jet Black, White, and Brown colours. These colour options show how the printing process can be customised.

Multiple Colourways

What's The Cost?

Reflecting its innovative design and technology, it is priced around $2,500 or INR 2,00,000.

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