The Internet's Going Crazy Over Modi & Melodi

PM Modi and Italian PM Giorgia Meloni have been trending on the internet due to their apparent chemistry at the G20 summit.

Modi and Meloni's 'cute' interactions at the G20 Summit '23 have generated a flood of internet content.

Modi & Meloni

Fans of the pairing have even come up with the couple name 'Melodi' to refer to them.


Their interactions at the summit led to the creation of hilarious memes on social media, with videos edited to make them seem like a couple.

The Memes

Some of these videos on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit gained millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes.

Viral Videos

While most of these videos were jokes, some users seemed to genuinely support the idea of the duo as a couple.

A Joke Or Not?

There are geopolitical implications to the "Melodi" partnership, as both Modi and Meloni are hard-right leaders with populist appeal.

Things In Common

They announced a formal strategic partnership between India and Italy in March, with Meloni praising Modi as the "most loved" world leader.

India-Italy Partnership

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