A Couple Sold Their House To Build INR 66 crore Business Triumph: Chumbak

The couple, Vivek Prabhakar & Shubhra Chadda sold their Bangalore house for Rs. 45 Lakh in 2010 to start a souvenir company, which clocked a revenue of Rs. 66 Crore.

Who Is Vivek Prabhakar?

He is the founder & director of Chumbak Design Pvt. Ltd. and has extensive experience in marketing & management roles in varied industries.

Who Is Shubhra Chadda?

She is the co-founder of Chumbak Pvt. Ltd., who was also featured in the Forbes 2018 W-Power Trailblazers list.

How Was Chumbak Born?

 They were frustrated with India's limited souvenirs, so they created vibrant, modern options for travellers.

Shubra's design made Chumbak colourful, laying the foundation for a brand known for creative products, whereas, Vivek handles marketing shenanigans.

Playing Equal Part

Started online sales in 2009, they gained momentum. Vivek joined full-time in 2011, strengthening Chumbak's foundation for success.

Redefining Online Presence

Chumbak expanded beyond souvenirs, receiving VC funding in 2012. Products like bags, stationery, and more were added to fuel growth.

Expansion For Growth

Blooming Steadily

With a shift from souvenir-only to a household brand, the brand grew rapidly in 2013, opening a 2500 sq ft store in Bangalore.

By 2015, Chumbak achieved 300% year-over-year growth, expanded to Southeast Asia, and found significant success in Japan.

Taking It Overseas

GOAT Brand Labs

Recognizing the growth potential of the brand, Goat Brand Labs, an investment firm acquired investment, aiming for a 400-500 crore brand.

Future Forecast

Chumbak's success is attributed to a sharp focus on bold, youthful designs, resonating with a dynamic target audience.

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