The Best Interactive Games On Netflix

These Netflix interactive shows put viewers in the driver's seat by having them make choices that affect the story's path.

Stefan develops a game based on a book in which player choices shape the book's story, and you get to decide Stefan's fate.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

A multi-player (on the same device) gameshow where you answer rapid fire questions on art, science, history, and more.


A rom-com where you get to live out your all your fantasies and pick your dream guy.

Choose Love

Decide the fate of pro wrestling stable  The New Day as they try to survive in The Undertaker's spooky mansion.

Escape The Undertaker

Missing Barbie already? Help her decide about her future while she goes on a cross-country trip with her friends.

Barbie Epic Road Trip

While not a game, this interactive by Headspace offers personalised guided meditation whether you want to sleep or relax.

Unwind Your Mind

You decide what happens when Ranveer Singh and Bear Grylls brave the Serbian wilderness to find a rare flower.

Ranveer vs Wild

Help Harold and George stop Krupp in this disgustingly hilarious interactive.

Captain Underpants Epic Choice-O-Rama

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