All you need to know about Takeshi's Castle's reboot

Takeshi's Castle returns with a reboot, featuring Bhuvan Bam as the Hindi commentator. Fun challenges, Castle Lord Takeshi, and big prize money await in this nostalgic comeback.

Takeshi's Castle 2.0

The iconic game show "Takeshi's Castle" is set to make a return with a rebooted edition. Gear up for maximum nostalgia!

New Hindi Commentator

Amazon Prime Video taps our fav Bhuvan Bam as Hindi commentator, embodying his YouTube alter ego, Titu Mama.

Premiere Date Is Set

The eight-episode series is scheduled to premiere on September 26, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Original Castle Lord Returns

Original Castle Lord Takeshi Kitano returns to craft challenging obstacles, preserving the show's essence.

International Release

The show premiered in Japan in April, and the rest of the world can now enjoy it starting in September.

Commentator's Nostalgia

Bhuvan Bam, a long-time fan of the show, considers his involvement a "full circle moment" in his career.

Classic Format

The reboot keeps the original 1980s Japanese show's rules with 100 contestants facing physical challenges to conquer the castle.

Prize Money

Contestants have the opportunity to win the same prize money as in the original show, with larger and more terrifying obstacles.

Controversial Choice

The choice of commentator sparked controversy as fans of the 90s version hosted by Jaaved Jaffrey expressed their nostalgia.

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