Srishti Dixit starrer The Great Indian Family: Review

Vicky Kaushal shines amid a compelling ensemble cast including content creator Srishti Dixit, but the film's preachy tone and missed subtlety hinder its potential.

Vicky is on a streak 😂

Vicky Kaushal continues to explore family dramas with "The Great Indian Family," his second film in this genre this year.

Familiar themes

The film, directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, delves into the themes of religion and family, making them central to the narrative.

A unique plot turn

The plot takes an intriguing turn when Ved (Vicky Kaushal), discovers his true identity, causing turmoil within his family & community.

The cast played well

The film boasts a talented ensemble cast, with notable performances by Kumud Mishra, Manoj Pahwa & Srishti Dixit, among others.

Srishti Dixit shines

Srishti Dixit's portrayal of Ved's twin sister stands out as a supportive and fierce sibling character.

Inclusive, but preachy

The film dares to address inclusivity, which is a relevant theme in today's world, although it does so in a rather preachy manner.

Very different direction

Unlike Vijay Krishna Acharya's previous films like Dhoom & Tashan, this movie takes a different route, focusing on a town in the Hindi belt.

A balanced love story

 The film delicately handles the romance between Aishwarya & Ved against a backdrop of traditional family values.

But could've been wayyy more subtle!

While the film addresses important themes, it does so in a heavy-handed & cliched manner, missing opportunities for subtlety.

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