Finest Creations Of South Korean Actress, Kim Bo-ra

Let's take a look at the soon-to-be bride, Kim Bo-ra's best work that showcase her skills, talent, and versatility in the digital realm.

SKY Castle (2018)

She portrays as a high school student with extreme lengths wealthy families go to in South Korea into prestigious university, but struggles with the pressure & expectations placed upon her.

SF8 (2020)

This sci-fi anthology with eight short films explores unique concepts, including where she stars in "Man-chine," a story about AI & human connection.

This rom-com follows Sung Duk-mi, a curator at an art museum who secretly runs a fan club for a popular idol. She portrays Han So-hyun, Duk-mi's best friend & colleague.

Her Private Life (2019)

Touch (2022)

In this fantasy romance-drama, Kim plays the role of a webtoon artist who can feel the emotions of others through physical contact.

Kiss Sixth Sense (2020)

This web drama is based on a webtoon and tells the story of Hong Ye-sul, a high school student who can see the future whenever she kisses someone.

Hello, My Twenties! (2016-2017)

A coming-of-age drama follows the stories of five college friends navigating love, career, and life in their twenties.

Descendants Of The Sun (2016)

This popular drama tells the love story of a doctor & a soldier who meet while working in a war-torn country. She plays Lee Chi-hoon, a nurse who works alongside the doctor.

Moonbeam Teacher Lee (2022)

This drama tells about a terminally ill music teacher who helps her students fulfil their dreams before time runs out for her.

When & Whom Is She Marrying?

She is getting married to one of the famous South Korean director, Jo Bareun in June 2024.

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