Shein's New Luxury Marketplace

In just a few short years, Shein has transformed from a discount Chinese apparel seller into a global fast-fashion powerhouse, and is now venturing into uncharted territory by launching its own luxury marketplace.

The Evolution

Shein has evolved from a discount Chinese apparel seller to a global fast-fashion giant and is now venturing into the luxury marketplace.

Growth Of Shein

Last year, Shein achieved an estimated ₹800 crore in annual sales in the United States, indicating its growing influence in the market.

Product Range

The company recently launched 'Shein Marketplace', a third-party platform that offers a wide range of products including home appliances, pet supplies, and high-end shoes.

Third-Party Sellers

The marketplace aims to find third-party sellers whose offerings complement their product range and resonate with their customer base.

Luxury Brands

Luxury brands like Paul Smith and Stuart Weitzman are now available on Shein, offering higher-priced items than regular Shein fast-fashion.

Other Products

The platform also features products from prominent brands like Lenovo in efforts to offer a wide range of products to its customers.


Following the marketplace launch, Shein faced challenges with counterfeits of items being sold on its platform, with customers raising concerns about fake products.

Discounted Rates

Shein continues to promote special discounts on fashion and home items, remaining committed to offering competitive prices and attracting customers.

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