Does Sharif's Returning Mean Anything To India?

Being a former PM from April 2022 to August 2023, he has returned to being Prime Minister for the second time with anticipation of having a positive relations with India.

Oath-Taking Ceremony

On March 4, 2024, Sharif took an oath as Pakistan's Prime Minister for the second time, while facing numerous challenges, including relations with India.

What Are The Election Outcome?

The national election led to a divided mandate, which resulted in his inauguration ceremony after PML-N formed an alliance with the PPP & smaller parties.

His approach towards India is expected to align with PML-N's broader stance, influenced by Nawaz Sharif's past tenures with both positive & negative aspects in India-Pakistan relations.

Potential Policy Perks

Expectations VS Reality

Although there's hope for improved relations with India, but Sharif might lead to disappointment given past challenges & remarks by Nawaz Sharif.

India's Diligence

India is likely to maintain cautious restraint in its relations with Pakistan, wary of past experiences and waiting to understand Pakistan's true intentions.

What Is Sharifs' Motive?

His efforts to engage with India are seen as an attempt to improve Pakistan's global image, indicating seriousness in diplomatic engagement between countries.

Creating Strategies!

Both countries are expected to handle their relations carefully, focusing on understanding each other's concerns to achieve sustainable peace in the region.

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