Salman Khan Is Back With Tiger 3 This November

The trailer of Salman Khan’s much-awaited Tiger 3 is out now. Releasing on 12 November, dubbed in 4 languages.

Iconic Duo Is Back

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif lead in Tiger 3, the YRF Spy Universe installment, releasing on November 12, 2023.

Delivered Right

This Action-Thriller movie lives up to expectations set by earlier franchise installments, continuing the story.


Salman Khan's character, Tiger, confronts a grave threat as his enemy, infiltrates his life, targeting his family in an intense storyline.

Tiger Is Being Challenged

Tiger faces personal vendetta as the Pakistani villain targets his family, leading to intense action and challenges.

Femme Fatale

Katrina Kaif as always has managed to give splendid charm & life to the character of Zoya - a Pakistani Agent.

Change Of Cast

Revathy is apparently replacing the late Girish Karnad, who played the RAW boss whom Tiger reported to, kickstarting the trailer voiceover.

What Will It Be?

Tiger faces a dilemma, compelled to decide between his nation and his family, with their son also in jeopardy.

ISI Agent VS IFS Agent

Emraan Hashmi's hidden antagonist role stirs excitement as he promises to make Tiger's life a living Hell in the movie.

An Exciting Appearance

In the trailer's climax, Emraan Hashmi, in a rugged look, is unveiled as the antagonist, greeting with "Welcome to Pakistan."

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