Unique Cafe in Mumbai Bandra - Records Coffee

Don't miss Records Coffee by Veranda while exploring Bandra - "the cafe hub of the city." The place is unusually diverse and interesting.

An Amalgamation Of Creativity

Records Cafe is exclusively breaking records in terms of incorporating various talented brands under its wings like Beverage Union & The Revolver Club.

Are You Old-School? 

If yes, there isn't a speck of doubt, this place is for you! The essence of old music in their exquisite vinyl collection is their highlight.

Perfect Work Environment!

Encomposed in a serene environment it is calm and composed for basking into the work vibe and getting it done effortlessly.


Never say no to coffee, especially the divinely delicious affogato they serve with a scoop of rich vanilla icecream and a shot of essprsso.

Caffeine Sponsor - BU

Beverage Union - a partnered brand that infuses the coffee drive, around the cafe, delivering a wide range of authentic coffee from Chickmagaluru.  

Want To Groove?

Indulge in the distributed music culture and community fancying the quintessence of vintage bands and songs ft. The Revolver Club.

Vibe With The Tribe

You will meet a bunch of exciting folks down here and won't leave the place without making a meaningful network, that is a guarantee!

Experience Engaging Events

The partner brands initiate and perform several fun events around the go for the Veranda Community as well as guests.

Meet The Soul Of The Cafe

The game changers are these lovely staff members who nurture the beauty of the entire place and its regulated functioning.

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