Reasons To Watch 'Thank You For Coming'

Discover why 'Thank You For Coming' is a must-watch, as it boldly explores female pleasure, empowers women, and challenges patriarchal norms in India.

Exploration of Female Pleasure

The film tackles the central issue of female orgasm, shedding light on a rarely discussed topic.

Bye Bye, Patriarchal Norms

It offers a fresh perspective on embedded patriarchal norms in contemporary Indian society.

Celebrating Indian Women

The story delves into the lives of single Indian women, exploring their challenges and choices.

One Word: Bhumi

From the trailer, we know Bhumi Pednekar will shine as the lead, delivering a remarkable performance.

Strong Female Ensemble

The core trio of female friends adds depth and authenticity to the narrative. We love giving the stage to our fav creators!

Generational Struggles

The film touches on generational issues faced by women, creating a relatable experience. Women of all ages will love it!

Challenges Expectations

It challenges societal expectations of women, especially regarding marriage.

Nuanced Female Friendship

The portrayal of female friendship is nuanced, emphasizing the need for solidarity and forgiveness.

The Writers - YES!

Highlighting the film's co-writers, Radhika Anand & comedian Prashasti Singh, whose talents contribute to the movie's sharp wit.

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