The Real Story Behind Scorsese's Killers of the Flower Moon

Martin Scorsese's new epic reveals a sinister 1920s plot to murder Osage Native Americans with valuable oil rights in America. Here is the story.

Osage Murders

In the 1920s, a sinister wave of over 60 murders and disappearances shook the Osage community in Oklahoma.

Oil Wealth

In 1920s, the Osage's immense wealth came from oil on their reservation. Communally, they earned $30 million in 1923.

Conspiracy Unveiled

Anna Brown's brutal 1921 murder started FBI's investigation, leading to 3 of her own relatives being arrested for killing her.

Killers of the Flower Moon

This movie is an exploration of these historical events. It focuses on the impact of the murders on the Osage community.

Osage History

Once all over central USA, they moved to Oklahoma in the 1870s, by purchasing the land with funds from selling their Kansas land.

Oil Boom

By chance, Osage reservation became oil-rich, bringing great wealth from royalties and a share of profits. They lived opulent lives.

"King of the Osage Hills"

William King Hale was a powerful white rancher who faked friendship with the Osage to secretly steal their wealth.

Problem of Headrights

Osage people had "headrights" who managed their oil money. In 1921, In a law called them "incompetent," so money went through guardians.

This led to murders as headrights could only be inherited, not bought or sold. Whites would marry native headrights to steal their inheritance.

The Murders

The movie follows Mollie Kyle's marriage to Ernest Burkhart, and how the family exploited her diabetes when insulin was scarce.

The Plot of Mollie Burkhart

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