Rating the scariest  movies on the Internet

We can attest that the films mentioned here, encompassing  of enduring classics, contemporary and inventive horrors, and foreign works will leave you with indelible marks of terror.

Barbarian Disney+ Hotstar

A young woman finds her rented home occupied by a stranger. With hesitation, she stays the night & uncovers terrifying secrets.

Scary Meter: 8/10

Saint Maud Amazon Prime Video

Maud, a reclusive nurse, becomes devoutly religious after a traumatic event. A cancer-stricken patient drives us towards madness.

Scary Meter: 9/10

Smile Amazon Prime Video

Dr. Rose Cotter witnesses a disturbing event & subsequently faces unexplained terrors. She tries to survive and break free.

Scary Meter: 7/10

The Call Netflix

Connected by phone across 20 years, a serial killer jeopardizes a woman's life to change their own fate.

Scary Meter: 10/10

The Wailing Amazon Prime Video

Hysteria ensues in a rural village as suspicions rise, attributing a series of brutal murders to the arrival of a mysterious stranger.

Scary Meter: 9/10

The Night House Disney+ Hotstar

A grieving widow's pursuit of answers uncovers haunting secrets in the lakeside home her late husband built.

Scary Meter: 8/10

The Shining Amazon Prime Video

Isolated in a hotel with a dark history, Jack's descent into madness threatens the sanity of his family.

Scary Meter: 10/10

The Blair Witch Project Amazon Prime Video

Three students venture into the Maryland backwoods to investigate the Blair Witch incidents but lose their map.

Scary Meter: 9/10

Audition Amazon Prime Video

A widower, with a friend, auditions girls to find a new wife, but who he likes doesn't appear to be the one she claims to be.

Scary Meter: 10/10

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