Ratan Tata Turns 86! Here Are Some Unknown Facts That No One Talks About.

Ratan Tata is a respected Indian leader and former Tata Group chairman known for his ethical leadership and significant contributions to business and philanthropy.

From Shop Floor To Boardroom

His initial role at Tata Group was in 1961, overseeing operations at Tata Steel. This experience gave him valuable insights and set the stage for his future leadership.

A Reluctant Businessman

Born into a business dynasty, he wasn't initially interested in the family business. He joined the Tata Group at his grandmother's insistence.

In 1960, he almost got married while working in LA, but the Indo-China war made the girl's parents hesitant about her moving to India, so the relationship ended.

Lost Love, Gained Life

Holding a pilot's licence, he became the first Indian civilian to fly a fighter jet, the F-16 Falcon, in 2007.

A Pilot At Heart

A Dog Lover

He loves dogs, has two pets, Tito and Maximus, and has actively championed animal welfare initiatives throughout his life.

A Cultural Icon

He is considered a cultural icon and a role model for upcoming & aspiring entrepreneurs and young people alike.

Man Behind Iconic Cars

He has developed iconic Indian cars like the Tata Indica and Nano, revolutionising the affordable Indian automobile industry.

Global Visionary

Under his leadership, the Tata Group expanded its global footprint through strategic acquisitions, even for Jaguar Land Rover.

Philanthropy At Heart

He is a renowned philanthropist who has generously donated to various industries like education, healthcare, and community development initiatives.

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