Who is the Priya Singh? Influencer files FIR against boyfriend

Priya Singh, an Instagram influencer, was allegedly assaulted by her boyfriend, Ashwajit. Investigations are ongoing as the police arrest the suspects behind her assault.

Priya Singh is a  26-years-old lifestyle influencer on Instagram with  1.1 million followers.

Who Is Priya Singh?

She has a quite glamorous presence on Instagram, with every picture striking thousands of likes and comments.


Who is Ashwajit?

Ashwajit is the son of prominent Maharashtra bureaucrat Anil Gaikwad, the Managing Director of MSRDC.

More Of Him

He is the president of the BJP youth wing in Mumbai, involving himself in various social and political activities.

About their Relationship

The couple had a four-and-a-half-year alleged relationship where they were "completely in love" with each other.

Hidden Truth

Later in their relationship, she claimed that Ashwajit was already married, but they were separated, and Ashwajit wanted to marry her. She stayed with him for a long time.

The Mishap

Priya went to meet Ashwajit in the early hours of December 11. She reached the hotel, saw him with her wife, and got into a heated argument.

Hit And Run

Later, when she went to take things from her boyfriend's car, she claimed that his driver ran over her and fled at Ashwajit's order.

Several Injuries

Three bones of her right leg were broken, including other deep injuries on her shoulder and hip were found.

Severe Actions (#justiceforpriya)

She has filed a complaint under section 279, 338, 323, 504, 34 IPC. A primary investigation has been done by the local police officers in Thane.

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