Prajakta Koli & Vrishank Khanal's Love Story

Now that our favorite internet couple is finally engaged, lets look back at their love story of more than 12 years.

Their Meet Cute

Prajakta and Vrishank, met through a mutual friend when Prajakta was 18 and Vrishank was 22.

Falling In Love

They started conversing through Blackberry Messenger, and despite never meeting initially, they developed a deep connection.

Dating Online

Their friendship soon blossomed into a romantic relationship, defying the conventional pattern of meeting before committing.

Opposites Attract

Prajakta mentioned how they are very different individuals in terms of their preferences and reactions to situations.

12 Years Of Dating

Despite these differences, they've supported and grown with each other, cherishing every moment in their 12-year relationship.

Stronger Together

Prajakta emphasized the challenges they faced, but their love and dedication to each other helped them overcome every obstacle.

They're Engaged!

The couple's journey has been a testament to their enduring love and understanding, culminating in their recent engagement.

Growing Together

Prajakta shared how their relationship has evolved and matured over the years, showcasing the strength of their bond.

Congratulations,  Prajakta and Vrishank!

Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. Cheers to your upcoming wedding and a beautiful future together! 🎉💍🥂

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