Physics Wallah: From YouTube To His Own School

Alakh Pandey, also known as Physics Wallah, has evolved to establish his own school, revolutionising online education with engaging content & personalised learning experiences.

Childhood & Education

Born in Prayagraj, India, in 1991, he pursued a B.Tech. degree but dropped out to follow his dream of educating.

Birth Of Physics Wallah

In 2014, Alakh launched his YouTube channel, "Physicswallah," aiming to provide simplified physics explanations.

His Breakthrough

Initial attempts focused on Class 12 didn't connect with the audience at first, but when he switched to high school topics in 2017, subscribers started to surge.

Teaching Style Is Hatke!

His unique way of explaining complex concepts in a fun and relatable manner attracted millions of students.

"Physics Wallah," a TV series was released in 2022 based on the true story of Alakh Pandey, a visionary teacher providing free online learning for students only on Amazon mini TV.

Biographical Miniseries

Recently, he established a physical coaching institute in Kota with PW Vidyapeeth to provide a holistic learning experience beyond online education.

Achieving Milestone

How Is It Different From Other Schools?

His new school, PW Gurukulam School, is affiliated with the CBSE, aiming to enrol 400 students in its first batch, offering education from play school to grade 7.

Future Goals

He aims to change the way education is done by including practical skills like money management and entrepreneurship.

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