Pepsi Redesigns Its Identity Globally

Pepsi reveals a fresh global identity with a modern logo and visuals. Experience the exciting new look of Pepsi worldwide!

Timely Refresh

Pepsi's global redesign debuts after 14 years, showcased at the Gateway of India with digital artwork and an inflatable installation.

What Does The New Logo Offer?

The new logo combines Pepsi's heritage with modern elements, introducing electric blue and black for a contemporary edge look.

The updated design includes a custom typeface and a signature blue & black "pulse" to symbolise Pepsi's essence.

A Modern Touch

Is It Launched?

Originally revealed in 2023, the design aims to create more moments of enjoyment, attracting attention from media outlets & its target audience.

The Redesigner!

Chief Design Officer, Mauro Porcini, emphasises Pepsi's consistent reinvention over 125 years, reflecting its cultural significance.

Releasing Timeline

The new design was released in March 2023, and it began to show up on products initially in North America in August 2023.

Emerging Person-ality

The new design can also be seen in everything from packaging to clothing, reflecting Pepsi's daring and energetic personality.

Brand's Rebirth

As the new logo and visual identity launch, Pepsi anticipates a new chapter in its iconic brand journey.

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