People's Sexiest Man Alive: Winners From The Past Years

Patrick Dempsey is this year's People's Sexiest Man Alive. Here's a rundown of the sexiest celebrities of the past decade.

Patrick Dempsey | 2023

At 57, Patrick becomes the second-oldest Sexiest Man Alive. We know him for his career resurgence after joining Grey's Anatomy in 2005.

Chris Evans | 2022

Known for his role as Captain America in the MCU, Chris expressed discomfort at the title, likening the experience to humble bragging.

Paul Rudd | 2021

Known for his role as Scott Lang in the Ant-Man franchise, Paul expressed surprise in his interview, stating others deserved it more.

Michael B Jordan | 2020

Beyond being a sports legend, Michael was also seen in Black Panther. He responded to this news with a family celebration.

John Legend | 2019

John, an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) award recipient, has achieved numerous accolades in his illustrious music career.

Idris Elba | 2018

Renowned for being in major franchises like Star Trek, Fast and Furious, and Avengers, Idris was humbled by the honor.

Blake Shelton | 2017

As the host of "The Voice," this prominent singer & TV personality, credited his singer-wife Gwen Stefani for urging him to embrace the title.

Dwayne Johnson | 2016

Recognized for his action star status, muscular physique, and relatable demeanor, he earned the Sexiest Man Alive title in 2016.

People bestowed the title upon former English footballer David Beckham in 2015, despite his own view of not feeling particularly attractive.

David Beckham | 2015

Renowned for portraying the God of Thunder in the Thor films, shared that he and his wife found the news "pretty funny,"

Chris Hemsworth | 2014

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