India celebrates Grand Prix win of "All We Imagine as Light" at Cannes 2024

Indian filmmaker, Payal Kapadia's "All We Imagine as Light" makes history at Cannes 2024, winning the Grand Prix & spotlighting Indian cinema on the global stage.

First Of Many!

Payal Kapadia became the first Indian female filmmaker to win the Grand Prix at Cannes Film Festival.

Jury's Recognition

Greta Gerwig-led jury honored Kapadia's film "All We Imagine As Light" with the festival's second-highest recognition.

Kapadia expressed in her speech that, "India's film industry spans diverse languages & states beyond Bollywood, but for some reason it took 30 years to reach Cannes."

India's Cinematic Mosaic

Bold & Basic

Kapadia thinks that Indian cinema has a unique language and a lively festival culture, so submitting internationally is not required.

Representing Female Filmmakers

She is optimistic about the increase in female filmmakers globally, noting gradual but steady progress in the future.

Being A Regular

Despite being her first feature, she has previous Cannes recognition with a documentary "A Night of Knowing Nothing" in 2021 and a short film "Afternoon Clouds" in 2017.

Women Of The Hour!

Last but not least, Kapadia expresses her love & gratitude towards the three leading ladies of the film Kani Kusruti, Divya Prabha, & Chhaya Kadam.

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